Five main reason you should drink scent leaf tea often.

Exclusive – Health

Over time I keep reminding you of the health benefits linked to some plants especially the leaf. This article is not different because I will be sharing with you some vital nutrition associated with the consumption of scent leaves. Also known as African Basil in Africa, it is an aromatic herb that is well known extensively around the world.

Couple with all its benefits it has a unique sweet-smelling aroma that can be used as a mosquito repellant. The plant contains antibacterial, antifungal, and antipyretic properties that can be used for the treatment and prevention of diseases and infections.

However, here are 5 reasons why you should include scent leaves in your food often.

1. May help to lower blood sugar
Studies indicate that scent leaves can reduce blood sugar and protect the pancreatic islets that produce insulin from damage. A research study conducted on mice showed that scent leaves were effective in lowering blood sugar levels.

2. Can help to boost eye health.
Do you know that scent leaf is rich in Vitamin A? Vitamin A, promotes good eyesight. Please note that deficiency of vitamin A can be terrible for the eyes because it can lead to xerophthalmia (a medical condition in which the eye fails to produce tears) and night blindness.

3. Can help in the treatment of diarrhea
Ethanol and hot water extracts of scent leaves have been proven to be effective against some pathogenic bacteria known to cause diarrhea as well as Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella sp. In other words, scent leaves can be brewed as tea to treat cases of diarrhea caused by the above organisms.

4. May help to aid digestion
How often do you drink the water extract from scent leaves? Drinking scent leaf tea can help relieve bloating and also help digest meals on time. Also, scent leaves can have a soothing effect on your stomach and help with effective bowel evacuation.

5. May help in the treatment of fungal infections
Researches have shown that scent leaves have antifungal action against fungus found in food like Penicillium notatum, Candida Albicans, and Microsporum gypsum. Also, Chloroform extracts from the leaves showed great antifungal activity against the fungal species mentioned above.

So after carefully reading through it, what are your thought about this? Please do well to drop your answers and share your opinion in the comment section below let’s discuss.

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